Advice on a new ZRE paddle

Tring to decide on a bent shaft flatwater paddle. Looked at the ZRE website and they show two styles; the Z series, and the power surge. Anyone have a power surge? I have been paddling with wooden paddles ( a Sawyer bent and a Mitchell straight) Even the heaviest ZRE is less than half the weight of either wooden. The website shows the 8.5 oz. is the most popular, as opposed to the 7.5 and 10. Any thoughts?

The power Surge
Is a really nice paddle. Very quiet entry into the water and powerful.

I have one of their standard blades and two Power Surge Outrigger paddles. It’s hard to compare them directly because the Outrigger paddles have a wider face (9.75" vs 8.3").

I don’t have any scientific data, but last year I was using the power surge and my regular bow paddler was using the regular Zav. When we switched paddles it seemed like he was contributing a whole lot more to our progress.

It was noticeable enough that I bought a second Outrigger PowerSurge over the winter.

We are both fairly strong paddlers but don’t carry a super fast cadence, so I prefer the wider blade of the Outrigger paddle.

I can’t say for sure if the Power Surge is more powerful, but I thought it was worth buying again just for how quiet the entry is on it.

I’ve not used a power surge but they seem to always get positive comments.

I’d be careful about getting a huge Outrigger sized blade unless you are young and can’t get enough exercise. Smaller blades are easier on your body and better-balanced.

I’ve got Zavs in all their layups and I think you’ll be perfectly happy with their heaviest lay-up. On a super windy day the ultralight feels almost too light…like it could blow right out of your hands. On other hand if ultralight weight appeals to you, don’t worry about durability. All are tougher than you’d think and I’ve bashed many rocks with only very minor chips from hard hits. You can put a small bead of epoxy on the blade edge and also stretch electrical tape aound the edge if you want a renewable edge.

You’re The First!
You are the first person to express my sentiments that on windy days, the Zavs are almost too light.

I’ve even had one blow out of my boat when I put it down for just a moment!

I still think they are the best paddle for your dollar…so be sure to hang on to it!

I have some Medium bents and like them.
11oz is plenty light for me and the standard blade has plenty of bite for me.

I’ve never tried the Power Surge. I’m not strong enough or conditioned well enough for large bladed paddles.

I haven’t used my wooden paddles since I got the Zaverals.

Standard Outrigger Blade
The Powersurge blade is available on the regular paddles in addition to the Outrigger. The standard outrigger blade is wide and it does take getting used to. I am 58 and have used the Outrigger Powersurge for 4 years now. At first i could go about 2 hours with it before my shoulders told me to switch to a narrower blade. Now i can use it all day going hard. And i don’t mean lilydipper speed(not Joe LilyDipper Speed but generic) i mean 90miler marathon racing speed. I have a lightweight PowerSurge and its too small for a heavy canoe. My ideal is the Outrigger Powersurge cut down from 9.75" to about 9.375".


power surge
they’re sweet paddles. great catch. all zavs can be tough to hold onto in heavy winds, but you get used to it.

i have both a regular blade and a power surge and never use the standard one. quiet and powerful

power surge
Can’t compare, cause I only have the power surge, but it is a very nice paddle for fast cadence tandem or solo hit and switch. Quiet entry, clean catch and overall excellent paddle.

Not sure why, but I prefer my ZAV about 2" shorter than my comparable wooden bent shafts. Check the archives, as there is lots of info about shaft lenght and ordering Zavs without the handle attached so you can slowly sneak u on your ideal length.