Advice on boat for newbie

Hi. I’m looking for some advice. I recently moved from NJ to MD. In NJ I was a surf fly fisher. Now that I am in md, I am fortunate enough that 100 yards from my front door is the upper chesapeake bay (north of the sulky). So, I’ve been looking into getting a canoe or kayak.

But, I’m having a hard time deciding what to get. At first, I was looking at a wenonah kingfisher. Thought being that I could fish and tool around with my pre-teen kids. But, after a visit to the NJ paddlesport show this weekend, I really liked the native ultimate tandem 14.5.

After doing some research, I’ve come down to this:

  • the kingfisher
  • the native ultimate
  • and, throwing all consideration for my family aside, the hobie pro angler

    Anybody got any advice?


Do you know where …

– Last Updated: Mar-27-11 10:32 PM EST –

...... the Susquehanna Flats are ??

You might want to try your hand at some Striper fishing there soon . There are days when they go crazy on top water in the shallows .

The catch and release season going on there .

Mid April to May 3 things should heat up there for some of the best top water Striper action the Bay has to offer (closed again on May 4) .

on chart 12274 between the Bay and the main stem Susquehanna river (the flats) .

You may need to download the Zoomfly to view the charts .

Sulky flats
Thanks much. I’ve heard a bunch about this, but never with links to maps. My house is right at the top of the bay at the mouth of north east creek. One of the main reasons I want a boat is to go and fish the flats. I am guessing an hour paddle down to the flats if I didn’t want to drive the boat down to the mouth of the river. If the fishing is half as good as I hear, suspect a bassyak might me my next big purchase once I buy the boat.

the Northeast Creek …

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..... I'm aware of empties into the uppermost part of North East River (at North East) ... the N.E. river empties into the Susquehanna Flats ... I've always figured the N.E. river mouth to be berween Carpenters PT. and Red PT. ... the Flats empty into the Chesapeake .

Northeast Creek has class V white water (below rt. 272 and the old covered bridge) ... is that the Northeast Creek you are mentioning ??

Love my Ultimate 12. Fish and paddle on lakes, ponds, and rivers. It’s light, easy to manuever, and plenty of storage space.