advice on buying car carrier

I am considering buying a car carrier for my kayak. I have a Old Town Adventure Kayak. Currently I am using the foam bricks and straps. When I head out on the road, my travel time can be four hours or more on heavy Freeway. I don’t feel secure with it mounted on the current system I am using. I was considering a Thule rack.

Any thoughts? I have a 2003 Dodge Durango with factory installed luggage rack.


It would probably be easier to by a kayak carrier for you car, rather then a car carrier for you kayak!! L

Thule Works Well On That Vehicle
I had this same rack on our '01 Dodge Durango and now on our '03 Ford Escape. I bought the Hull-a-port from the Rack Warehouse, you can search for their online address. Here’s a link to pics of the rack. WW

Thank you
Thank you

You’re Welcome
BTW, this rack is very durable, goes on and off quickly and easily, and can be used on any vehicle that has factory racks that are on a “Track” on the roof. Unfortunately, you have to buy a different set of “Feet” if you switch vehicles. The initial cost is high, but bought mine in '97 for our RAV4 and it’s on it’s 3rd vehicle. The “Feet” that I had to purchase when changing vehicles were in the $60. range. Good luck! WW

I’m pretty happy with my Yakima rack and I drive an SUV also. Check out their website for the various models and see what you are comfortable with.

I also have a Yakima setup. I use mako saddles in the front and hulley rollers in the rear. It makes it easier to load it from the rear. I am very happy with this setup.


Malone makes a good system that will fit your Durango for $30 less than Yak and Thule. Their website is