Advice on buying from Oak Orchard Canoe

I’m finally going to take my own advice and test paddle before I buy this time. Oak Orchard Canoe is a three hour drive but with 3,000 canoes, it’s the best choice for me. I’ve already been to The Jersey Paddler and Mountainman Outdoors but their test paddle and selections leave much to be desired. I’m asking advice on how best to deal with the dealer. Should I bring anything with me? How long should I expect to wait between test paddles? How to get a good price? Should I call to make an appointment with a salesperson? Should I plan to stay overnight? Does the P-net discount apply to Oak Orchard?

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks.

I would bring my own paddle, pfd, drysuit, paddling boots, etc so I could see how it fit me while I was using the gear I was intending on using with it.

Where are you coming from? I take it you are from NYC or New Jersey, or otherwise I would point you to our dealers in CT who have lots of boats to paddle right at their doorsteps.

Enjoy the process.


Ask if they do test paddles at Rochestr
The Rochester store has the Irondequoit Bay right there. The Waterford store has an itty bitty pond, but it’s better than nothing. Don’t know if they do test paddles at Rochester though. I was there in the off season.