advice on canoe for first timer

well my choices are

mad river legend 16rx $600 1.5 hour one way

98’ old town camper 16 rx $500 11 hour drive one way

wenonah rouge 16 rx $600-800

04’ mohawk intrepid 16 rx $675 5 hours one way

Need more info
There are lots of people on this board who will offer advice but they will need more information. What kind of paddling are you planning, flat water or moving water? Are you planning day trips or overnight tripping? What is your purpose; fishing, excercise, nature watching, recreation? What is you load - alone, with a partnet, kids, a dog? What is the approximate weight of your average load?

Answers to these will help people give good advice.

advice on canoe for first timer
me and the wife 2 dogs small one and 30 pounder mostley just fishing the new river in galax va very few class 1,2 rapids but if i’m by myself would love to play around in them but mostley solo with the dogs and over night trips no more then 2 days.then we go to the keys alot i stand alot in my kayaks so i have very good balance.i’m only 32 and very fit so i love doing things a little crazy i was in the florida times union for catching a 100 lbs tarpon on my sea doo so i’ve got the balance

apples and hand grenades

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The only element they all share is Royalex, the same way that most cars are made of "metal."

The Camper is a flat bottomed recreational canoe. Oil canning is extensive, and it's not very deep, which limits its carrying capacity.

The Rogue is a moving-water boat. Is there a stretch of Class II you'll be using the boat on regularly? If so, sure, it's fine (if not, then move on to something else).

The MR is similar to the Rogue - a fast water boat rather than a lake canoe, though perhaps a little more flat-water friendly than the WeNoNah.

The hull shape of the Intrepid is probably the best all-around boat in the group, though I was never impressed with Mohawk's fit and finish.

Figure out what you want to do and where you want to do it, then look for a boat to suit those criteria. There are a ton of used boats out there these days at bargain prices, so there's no reason to buy one just because it's close - buy one because it's right.

Already on another thread
Lots of (attempts at) advice there.