Advice on choosing a Kayak - Necky Elias (fiberglass) vs. Current Designs Willow (fiberglass/kevlar)

Hello -
I am a recreational paddler to date and am looking to invest in growing my paddling skills.

I am looking at the two boats above (Necky Elias and Current Designs Willow) as possible options and would like any feedback from those who own or have experience with them. I am 5’ 10’ & 140 lbs and looking to mostly paddle flat water/slow rivers in Central Texas (Austin, TX). Both these boats are 15 - 16 foot in length and have 22" beam and looks like a good fit. Unfortunately I don’t have a dealer close that will allow me the opportunity to demo them but there are two very good deals right now that I can take advantage of to get a composite version of either. Please let me know your feedback.

Here are the links to each boat

Necky Elias - link
Current Designs Willow - link


I’ve demoed a CD Willow (am 5’5" and 110#). The kayak has very little rocker and likes to track more than it likes to turn. My reaction was “meh.” But that’s my personal opinion. If the good deals don’t have a deadline, I think it would be worth making a drive to demo each, if possible, so you can form your own opinion and buy a boat that fits well and makes you happy with your purchase.

The Willow is for a female/small paddler and the Elias has been built up from their Eliza, a women’s kayak, to fit a greater variety of paddlers. Code word for more of an average sized paddler. Elias cockpit is 3 inches longer, though both are 16 inches wide. Can’t find depth just in front of the cockpit for either of them.

My question would be leg room in each of these boats. Your weight could get you into either.

Can you call a dealer and ask them to measure the distance from the back of the seat to the furthest reach of the footpegs?
depth 13"


OPer is talking about the Elias, not the Eliza. For a bigger paddler.
I just knocked around on more sites, must be too new for deck height to be as available as for the Eliza.

photographer-kayak-necky looks like one inch deeper than eliza.