Advice on Coleman canoe

I recently acquired a old 15 foot Coleman canoe. I have the hull # CNPA9609M81K model 5905B. There is a small hole I’m going to be repairing using the plastic weld process. Through numerous resources it seems it’s important to know exactly what type of plastic the canoe is made out of so the new plastic can be matched. Is there any way to determine what type of plastic my canoe is made out of. I attached some pictures of the canoe. I’m in the process of adding a seat and cleaning the canoe up so don’t mind the mess. Any information about this canoe would greatly be appreciated.

I think most of the Coleman canoes are ram-x (polyethelyne), at least all the ones I’ve seen on Craigslist lately. Just did several google image searches looking for your exact one to verify but couldn’t find it. Seems similar to the Coleman “Journey” but not exactly. There are a lot of slight variations floating around (pun haha). Hope this helps. Good luck!