Advice on Crack in Kevlar Flex Core

I’m about to purchase my first canoe and I came across a used Wenonah Escape Kevlar Flexcore with wood trim. I don’t know much about this type of layup & I’m a little concerned about some of the cracks in the gelcoat.

Should I walk away from this one, or is this just a cosmetic issue. The seller is asking 1600 for it.


Walk away for that price !
I don’t like the looks of that large crack in the hull.

Take a look at two or three of the prices here on P-net for Kevlar canoes and you’ll see that some one is trying to pawn off their problem and make money at the same time.

I fixed a lot of cracks in our various Kevlar canoes, and it must have taken a hell of a whack to make one that long.

Jack L

Thanks for the advice
this is a big expense for me, so I appreciate the help.



I could repair that, but the result
would add a bit of weight, make the hull more unevenly stiff, and would “stick out” from the exterior hull surface, so that a tiny bit of slowing would result.

A quick repair might make a decent firewood cruiser, but otherwise…