Advice on Drysuit Fit (Pictures Included!)

Hi guys

I’m new here! If I make a mistake with forum etiquette, I apologise.

I’m looking for some advice on whether or not a drysuit I’ve ordered fits properly. I actually ordered a few, and this is the only one I like.

The fit around the neck, chest, arms feels good. I’m just curious if the legs/bum are too baggy.

My use of it will be for kayaking, and possibly some dinghy sailing too.

Any advice appreciated!

That fit looks fine. You’ll appreciate a little extra room whilst seated.

Dry suits never are flattering to look at. Lots of extra material makes them look baggy.

Needs the extra material both so there is enough play to get in through the big zippers (usually over chest or across back) and also so that the user can vary how much clothing they have on underneath depending on how cold it is (the dry suit itself doesn’t do much regarding thermal protection - it is the layers below that do the main work).

Your ohotos look fine, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how comfortable it is when you are in your kayak/canoe/whatever you are using it on.

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What others said. They always look silly. Make sure you can move your body in every imaginable way you would have to when engaged in your activity.

Some extra space is nice, allowing you to layer thermal wear underneath.

Remember to burp it of air before you get into your boat. And if using with a spray skirt, you might consider burping before you pull on the skirt. My skirt, for instance, is snug enough around the torso that it restricts air from leaving the legs during burping.

Just skip the runway you’ll be fine.

Thanks very much everyone, that’s super helpful. Looks like I’ll be keeping it then!

I did mean to point out that the only other clothing I was wearing were thin and tight long johns and a thin thermal top. So, if I bulk out underneath, at least I have the space!

Thanks again all… Now to keep wondering whether to move from my short sit-on-top kayak to a longer sit-in so I don’t have to paddle like a maniac to go upstream!

Don’t wonder, just do it. :slight_smile:

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It is always a good idea to test the suit before you go out in it to check for leaks and the amount of thermal protection you are wearing. If possible wade out into the water at the launch.

A drysuit by itself has all of the insulating properties of a shower curtain.

Don’t burp all the air out either in the water to vacuum pack yourself. Squat tightly usually works.