advice on duck hunting canoe

I need the advice of some experienced paddlers.

Would a 16 ft Mad River Explorer in royalex work as a good stable platform for duck hunting? How does it paddle solo?

It would be used on tidal creeks and inland rivers with no white water.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

duck hunting canoe
the mad river explorer would be a good duck hunting boat. i can’t speak as to its solo behavior, but as a tandem it would do well. if you use it with a partner please be sure to only have the hunter in the bow be the shooter, and switch places to give each an opportunity to gun. i would encourage you to paddle as much as possible prior to hunting out of the canoe to become familiar with the feel of a canoe in various conditions. try to practice the motion of mounting the gun and swinging on game to get a feel for how the boat responds to the motions specific to gunning. be safe and i hope you have a good season.


Never saw a canoe hunt ducks.

But here’s my advice: if you IN the canow the duck’s hunting, you better DANM well


-Frank in Miami

Check out the Plastic kruger Aka Pamlico 160… it even comes in OD green. very stable, matter of fact it even LOOKs like a duck boat.