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I am looking at purchasing a canoe for me and my family. I wanted to see what the community thought a used Old Town Discovery 14 from 1997 would be worth. The seller is offering it with a ton of other items (Trolling motor, battery, garage hoist etc.)but the boat is close to 20 years old. It looks to be well taken care of and stored indoors and mainly used in lakes with some whitewater use. I would mainly use it in lakes and rivers( up to class 2) and some weekend fishing trips with wife/daughter and also paddling solo. I was looking at the Saranac (new) as well but am stuck deciding if age of the boat is something that I should be worried about if it has been well taken care of.

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No more then a few hundred dollars
jack L

Need a bigger boat
You will need more room if doing tandem with some gear.

good boat

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Built like a brick$house the wooden thwarts and seats are easily replaced if they dry rot. the hull will last forever. It is quite a heavy boat. it's a no brainer at a good price. start the fleet. when you get the next boat, you'll want something lighter and more nimble than either the discovery or the saranac My penobscot is 27

Used canoe
The age of that boat isn’t a problem if it’s well taken care of. It’s a well built boat but pretty common on the used canoe market so it’s probably not worth more than four or five hundred dollars, that seems to be the going rate. It’s alot better boat than the Saranac.

Thanks for replies
Thanks for all the input, I bought the boat today with all the accessories. Canoe is in real good shape and I am happy and looking forward to getting her in the water!