Advice on Fishing Canoe

I am looking to purchase a canoe to use on the small flood control reservoirs around Rochester, MN and the small rivers in the area too. Maybe some of the smaller Mississippi River backwaters. We will mostly be fishing from the canoe with an 8 year old and possibly a 6 year old. And on rare occasions a mom too.

My biggest issue is being able to haul it on the roof of a Ford Taurus, so I need to be able to maneuver it on top of the car. I also need to be able to carry it/move it about a 1/2 mile with a only the help of an 8 year old. So I need something relatively light I think.

I am assuming there are others out there in the same situation, wondering what others have done and/or would recommend.


Fishing Canoe
Fishing is the primary reason I own a canoe. If you can’t drive right up to the put-in, you’ll need a cart of some sort to carry the boat if you plan to go any distance at all. The cart idea is great because you can load your gear into the canoe and then use it like a balanced wheel barrow. Nothing could be easier…except driving right up to the put-in spot.