Advice on Fishing/Diving Kayak NV

I’ve recently relocated part time to Las Vegas and want to give fishing and perhaps diving from a kayak a try. Most of the use will be on Lakes Mead and Mohave but I’d like something that can handle a little river running. I’d prefer used to keep the costs down, but if I find a good deal, I may go new.

After reviewing a bunch of posts and web sites I’m leaning toward a few boats. I’ll be spending a lot aof time in southern Arizona as well so the Tucson/Phoenix/Flagstaff markets as well as Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe are open for purchasing boats. LL/Native Watercraft Manta Ray looks pretty good but I’m having a very difficult time finding any new or used in Arizona or Nevada.

Another suggestion was the Malibu eXtreme but again finding one is not very easy.

Finally I’m considering Oceak Kayak’s Prowler 13 or maybe the Scramble or Drifter. I understand the Scrambler does not have side handles which makes loading/unloading a bit of a challange and most of that I’ll be doing alone.

Any suggestions on these boats and where to find a good deal on them will be much appreciated.



Look at the Cobra kayaks too.
For diving…I assume snorkeling?..any sit on top will do, but if scuba is your thing, take a look at the Fish n Dive by Cobra, great diving platform. Its not fast, but its not a beast either to paddle. The Manta Ray is a good one for fishing. Drifter is a wet but boat and pretty wide so you sacrifice speed, not that most SOT’s have great speed anyway. The Scrambler may be a bit too narrow for diving, but its a nice modestly priced SOT. Need a skinny butt to fit the seat area. I’m not fond of Ocean Kayak’s molded footwells…great if the fit, but not if they don’t. You may want to take a look at the Wilderness System Ride, a very stable kayak that should be good for both fishing and diving. Not bad glide paddling it either.

Bullhead City

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has a kayak shop and the gal running it is pretty knowledgable.
Desert River Kayak
West Marine in Havasu has started to carry some kayaks. They have the Perception Search 13 and the Mainstream boats. They dont know much about them though. The Search looks pretty decent but I have not paddled one.
Kayaking is just getting started in Havasu. I have been seeing more kayaks lately. At least we are not the only ones out there now.

Mainstream Kingfisher is a decent
fishing platform, cheap in comparison to other boats. But,it is a bit of a pig to paddle. There have been issues with leaks, mostly pinholes, and the plastic isn’t that thick. Also, you have to check to make sure the boat is straight, some aren’t. But, its not being made anymore. Confluence has, I believe, stopped production of Mainstream kayaks.

The Search is a nice kayak. Haven’t paddled it, but it gets good reviews. Perception also makes a 15.

Fishing kayak
I have a WS Ride 135. It is a stable boat, and it is really maneuverable for a 13’ 4 " boat. I c an stand in it, but it has a small rock to it. I don’t feel as if I’m about to fall. I can also sit crossways on it and drop my legs over the sides without ever feeling it will tilt. The one I have is the new model. The only other yak I’ve actually paddled was a Redfish 12. The Ride 135 also has a fairly large tankwell. Check it out if you can find a dealer. I am also close to 61yo. I use mine primarily for salt water fishing for redfish. Other features are a large hatch on the bow and another small hatch in front of the seat, and another behind the seat. It has the movable foor rests that are adjustable. Compared to the Redfish 12, it paddles about as fast, and is just as maneuverable, if not more. Tracking is very good I think. I do not have a rudder and get along just fine, even though in tidal areas or with the wind blowing a lot, a rudder would help a litle. Hope this helps.

Craigs list
Have you checked out Craigs List for those areas? There are usually some kayaks for sale.

I’ve been watching…
…Craigs List in Tucson, Phoenix, and Vegas as well as a couple other places. Not surprisingly Vegas has the most boats but none of the models I’m interested in…yet.

BTW the diving I may do is indeed SCUBA but realistically I’ll use in more for fishing, play paddling, and maybe a little overnight camping. My wife and I already have two Perception Eclipse sit in ocean boats and an Old Twon Appalacian canoe we do a lot of tripping in.

Thanks for all the advice and any more that arrives.


Look at the Ride then. I believe it
will work for both activities. But, its the 2007 model that is the one Rouse and I mentioned, no tthe earlier one. The older model does well fishing, is very stable, but has a tiny tankwell.

Manta Ray vs. Fish N Dive vs. Ride
Looks like I can get the LL/Native Watercraft Manta Ray, Cobra Fish N Dive, or the WS Ride 135 for about the same price from internet dealers. However, I won’t be able to test drive any of them.

I’ll be primarily fishing on large reservoirs, with occasional camping, running up to class 2 river running, and perhaps diving. Any favorites?



Sport stores
Several of the sporting goods stores in LV have some kayaks. There is one over by Costco that carries some. I believe it is Sports Chalet. REI also carries some and have some good sales. West Marine all carry the same lines so check there too.

RTM is a French company that makes 2 boats called the Disco + and the Tempo. The Tempo is the old Scupper Pro TW which was the #1 fishing kayak for a long time and a solid all around boat. Works well for camping if you know how to load it. The Disco is a 14’ boat that has a lot of performance per the reviews. It has been getting a lot of raves but I have not seen many fishing reports. The RTM,s would have to be shipped from Florida.

For paddling, either the Manta Ray
or the Ride. All are good fishing boats. The sides of the Manta Ray are higher than the others. Its not as comfortable to sit side saddle. For your diving purposes, that may mean its more difficult to get back in, especially with a tank. But, I wouldn’t rule it out. The Manta Ray has the best seat. The Ride has the biggest tank well. F n D kayaks are wide. Basically, owners say they are extremely stable and do fine in bay waters (similar to big lakes in what you encounter with wind and waves) and, while not fast, aren’t overly sluggish. With these boats, speed is relative, though both the MR and Ride glide reasonably well.

You’ve three very good kayaks to chose from. There really isn’t a definitive answer as to which is best. If I were choosing based on fishing lakes and needing to cover lots of water, I’d go with the MR or the Ride. Of those two, the Ride may be the better dive kayak. The F n D will satisfy both uses, but its best use appears to me to be as a dive kayak and for fishing past the breakers in the ocean. Helps to have a wide kayak to fight big bull reds and 5 foot sharks.