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I having been fishing from canoes and boat all my life but after watching a group of friends fish with their yaks last weekend I am totally convinced that I have to have one.

I am 215 lbs and 6'0. Most of my friends have St Lawrences by Clearwater but they do much more than fish. ANother friend has a Pungo and Pamlico by wilderness systems. AT this time I have been leaning towards the Pamlico 140 or Pungo 140. Both these are longer than my friends 120's but I thought when I was out with the others It would make it easier to keep up.

I have been told that having a rudder makes fishing even easier particularly when drift fishing which made me lean to the pamlico .... however the seating is said to be much more comfortable in the Pungo.

I will be fishing mostly small fresh water lakes and maybe a small slack water river or two. I live in Nova Scotia and will likely Duck hunt with the boat as there will be some cool water fishing/hunting being done.


I know nothing of your water
However, going by the small lakes in my neck of the woods (northern Virginia), I’d say the Pamlico or the Pungo are good choices for what you want to do. Either length would be fine, but the 140’s will be faster.

I’m not familiar with the boat you said your friends are paddling. I’ve paddled both Pungos and Pamlicos.

The rudder would be useful, especially on a 14’ boat, and especially if you’re pouring on the steam to try and keep up with more experienced kayak paddlers in boats with a faster hull design. For simple fishing around a small lake (here I’m thinking 100 to 200 acres means small), a rudder isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is convenient.

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The Pamlico seems to be the easier
kayak to fish from, though either is a fine sit-inside for fishing. As I recall, the Pungo has hard chines and a lot of fishermen don’t like that. A rudder is nice for drift fishing on lakes, but not necessary. I use a drift sock on an anchor trolley…basically 1/8" cord run through padeyes (plastic half-loops like the bungees attach to the deck of a kayak) at the bow and stern. That way, I can adjust my sock to whatever angle of drift I want. But, if you can spare the extra change, the rudder is a nice option.

There are other options as far as good sit inside fishing kayaks. The Sundance, don’t know who makes it, gets good posts here on the fishing forum. I fish from an Old Town Loon 138, it tracks great, no need for a rudder for tracking, but it would be handy for drift fishing. But, the Loons and Old Town’s Dirgo series are great fishing craft. Take a look at them too. The added advantage of the Loons and Dirigos is they are slightly warmer in the winter because the floatation is part of the hull sandwich construction. But, there is a penalty in weight.

Without a rudder…
A ten or fifteen pound fish can take you for the ride of your life. With a rudder, you will have the ability to turn a fish’s head. You can keep him much closer, with both hands on the rod.

Just bought one tonight
Just bought a Pungo 140 this evening. Can you install a rudder on the Pungo (aftermarket)?

I’ve caught close to a 10 pounder, but
nary a ripple of a ride.

Are you using braid? :slight_smile:

The sundance kayak is made by perception kayaks.

No, I’ve tried it on two spinning reels.
In both cases, it was 20lb braid. It didn’t work out, kept wanting to wrap around my rod and when it birdnested, wound up cutting off a lot. So, on lighter line, I’ve gone back to mono. I’ve used Silver Thread copolymer in 10 lb test and really liked it, almost no coiling, smaller diameter, and cast like a dream. But, I got it on sale because Gander Mountain can’t sell it in Houston and they don’t have anymore.

On my baitcasters, I use 15 lb Berkely Big Game with 30 lb leaders. I’m considering moving to 50 lb braid on those. But, if I’m using circle hooks, I prefer the stretch in mono. I really haven’t had much problem losing fish with Big Game and With as mnay snags as I run into drift fishing, its cheap if I have to cut it off. I’m also considering buying a Abu 6500 and a Penn 9 or 209. I’ll use braid on those, most likely. I want the Penn to fish for big alligator gar on the Brazos and Trinity rivers down here.

Got the Pamlico
Well I ended up purchasing a pamlico 120 and bought a rudder package. I am into my second onth with it and have nothing but good things to say. The rudder isn’t really needed for regular paddling but when your working a shoreline or floating a river it keeps the paddle outta your hand and the fishing rod casting.

I landed a nice 22" inch smallie my first trip out and just the other day landed a 20 inch brown then later in the day got some fine rainbows. Its been a blast.

22" smallie - heck of a fish!
Cool breeze! Glad you got something that you like and that works for your preferences and style of fishing.

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Kayak fishing
Check out the WaveWalk kayak catamaran at

I purchased one in April of this year and can only say good things about it for all water activities, especially fishing.

I have a pamlico 140…
and I am SO OBBESSED about it!!! It’sawesome,I love it, stable, manueverable, safe, fast.

Sorry, I’m obbessed with pamlico 140s.