Advice on Heritage Nomad LP

Can anyone advise me on a Heritage Nomad LP. I own a Prowler 13 and like the layout but it’s a bit of a barge to paddle. I’m 5’8", 145 lbs. and I believe I fir the perfect specs for the nomad. I have my eye on a Heritage Nomad LP and just don’t know anyone who’s ever paddled one. I paddle lakes, bay. I don’t fish so the open deck is not that important to me. Why did I buy the Prowler you ask? Well it seemed like a good idea at the time. I do like the Prowler a lot don’t get me wrong. I just would like something a little faster. Anyone?


Some info

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Length: 16' Width: 28"
Passenger & Gear Capacity: 190-280 lbs.
Rudder or Skeg Option?: RUDDER
Solo or Tandem?: SOLO
Also Known As: Hop On Top 16 & Nomad Fast Touring
Suggested Retail: $990
Manufacturer: HERITAGE
Height: NA Weight: 62 lbs.
Material: Rotomolded Plastic
Possible Hatches: 2
Classification: TOURING

Heritage Nomad

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I have a Heritage Nomad "Fast Touring" in roto molded plastic. I've used it for coastal day touring in and around Boston Harbor and on an occasional flat water river for 6-7 years.

I'm 6'1" and 190 lbs (I was 10 lb lighter when I got the boat) and consider myself at the upper limit leg length and weight wise for the Nomad.

The Nomad is a very capable boat - I've had it out in some fairly steep swells, confused large chop and wind waves, and "small craft advisory" conditions and it did not let me down.

The boat is very seaworthy and in relatively "calm" conditions easy to paddle at a comfortable touring pace of 3 - 4 knots. Because of its designed playfulness and amount of rocker, its not the straightest tracking boat - it also weathercocks easily and can be a bear to paddle straight in certain wind conditions.

Comming from a Prowler, you'll probably find it a bit tippy by comparison. Don't let this put you off as you will get used to it (the boat's secondary stability is quite good).

Mine is very ruggedly made - it's held up to its share of bumps, bounces and scratches as well as being stored outside year 'round in New England (heat, rain, cold, snow, ice, etc.) Mine weighs in rigged to paddle at approx. 68 lbs.

It's a good boat, I'm extremely disappointed that Heritage no longer makes this model.

Thanks for the quick reply and great information. I appreciate it.

I Have the HopOnTop 16 In Fiberglass
I have the original HopOnTop 16 in fiberglass. It is the original design manufacturer by Paul Cronin. When Heritage bought him out, they manufactured the same boat in plastic, and called it the Nomad.

One complaint I have about the boat in fiberglass is that it is LOUD! Lots of hull slap. Its probably not as bad in plastic. But then the fiberglass is lighter, but still little heavier than the advertised weight of only 50#

The basic idea is you have a relatively narrow beam at the design waterline, with sponsons for added secondary stability.

At your weight, you should only have about 24" of beam in the water.

Anyway, I have paddled this boat and the Prowler 15 and the Nomad is definitely a faster boat, especially for a lighter boater