Advice on "inflatable belt" PFD's

I am thinking of wearing inflatable belt pack

PFD instead of foam life jacket on “easy days”.

1.I would like to work on rotation without

obstruction of traditional PFD on easy days

not far from the coast.

2.I am on a surf ski and getting back on the ski

is much easier if you do not wear a bulk of

foam on your chest.

Anybody has experience with those?

sospender PFD
I bought a Sospenders belt PFD to use with my OC1. My local law says you have to have a PFD on board, so I put it under a bungee behind me. If it’s rougher, I wear the belt very loosely and still have the PFD behind me. If it’s really rough, I’ll wear it in front. It doesn’t get in the way (plus you shouldn’t be bending forward at the waist, so it’s not a bother.) I am getting a surfski delivered soon and plan on using it with it also. I like it, but would never recommend them to poor swimmers (which I’m guessing you’re not). Later.

That’s what I use on the ski
Have never inflated it in the water, but kind of a nice insurance policy. I’d rate it third on my list of safety equipment, behind leash and radio.

I have heard some comments about the challenge of getting into an inflated (or other) pfd while in the water. I wear the sospenders suspender type, which is minimally intrusive and already in place if needed.

Inflatables DO NOT COUNT as a PFD on a boat UNLESS they are worn. Stored behind you doesn’t get it–you have to have it on.

Easier to put on before it’s inflated
but either way, all you have to do is put your head through the collar and fasten one tie in the front. Even before you do that it’s attached around your waist, so you’re not going to lose it and you can easily hang onto it to keep your head above water.

I’d echo the comment above about not using an inflatable unless you’re very comfortable swimming in the same water temp., conditions, and clothing that you’ll be paddling in.

Type III
The law here says that a PFD must be on board for every person on board. It states that only Type V PFDs must be worn. Type III do not have to be worn to count. My inflatable PFD is Coast Guard approved Type III. There is no written exception that states Inflatable Type III PDFs don’t count, at least not that I have ever found in my state law.

Of course, everyone should check their local laws. ALWAYS BE SAFE!

i’ve had one
for over three years. and wear it or have it behind me in my tankwell of my scupperpro while paddle fishing around tampa bay. most of my fishing takes place on the grass flats were the average depth is less than 4’. but whenever i cross over to the beach side & the Gulf waters i always (well almost always) snap it around my waist. i don’t even know its there, much more comfortable than a standard PFD, and cooler in the florida weather. when i am out in my QCC i will take my Lotus PFD because i usually find myself in deeper and the chance of an unplanned swim is greater.