Advice on Labrador River

My son and I are looking to take a 10 day or so canoe trip in Labrador. Are experience so far is canoeing in Maine. Any suggestions on rivers? We’d like to get into some good brook trout fishing & some blueberry pickin’. Maybe a river ending at the coast but not crucial. We’re considering driving from FL?? I know, a two day drive but we’d visit friends along the way.


My $.01 guess = go air shuttle service…

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Sorry, I never did make it up there....
Might wanna hunt online for NFLD & Labrador trout fishing & go from there. Also talk to air shuttle service people where their easier/more-advanced paddles with good trout fishing has been. Online can get you some idea of where it lies.. I'm guessing that the SE corner of Labrador has the air shuttle services..Y/N??? Then hook up. Am guessing that you might either:
A) catch a ferry up to Newfoundland from ?(PEI or NovaScotia), then ferry from northwestern Newfoundland to SE tip of Labrador to pick up a scheduled air shuttle service....
B) catch a ferry from some spot along St.Lawrence shores/Gaspe Peninsula, to the SE tip of Labrador for air shuttle service...BUT Who knows = there may indeed be a road or two to make it to air shuttle ports! Think it should be available all online.
I imagine you could check out railroad schedules/stops and try to plan something, but I think air shuttle service shouldn't be difficult to arrange.
Looking somewhere for Newfoundland & Labrador's fishing territories, online, should get you somewhere as far as destinations...imho.
All theoretical, never went ahead and did it...although wanted to in the distant past.
*But then there are ever more roads leading northward from either QC or Montreal areas that undoubtedly cross many streams...Y/N?

more like 4 days drive
if you drive over 12 hours a day.

It’s 50 hours from Tampa to St Johns not to mention the ferry

Its 22 hour drive to Lab city
from Portland ME. ITs 20 hours to Florida from Portland ME

St Johns NL does not factor into the equation unless you want an extra 17 hours on the ferry and 900 km extra drive to Blanc Sablon ferry.