Advice on Light, High Quality Canoe

I have decided I cannot use a kayak due to my back.

Any suggestions on a very light weight carbon canoe, very comfortable seat, and skeg with a quality level similar to QCC?

Thank you.

A few thoughts
First off, sorry about the back trouble. I struggle with back problems too. Kneeling helps me a great deal and I’ve heard other say the same thing, so you might consider a canoe that you can easily kneel in vs. one with a low slung seat. I can kneel and sit (at the same time) in my boats and that works best for me. I also use a crazy creek type seat back sometimes which also helps. There are other probably sturdier seat backs you could use. I bet that if you have a good local canoe shop and go to them with your needs, they could let you try some different set ups to see what will suit you.

I don’t know much about carbon canoes or what might be of equivalent quality to QCC kayaks. I’d think the high end light boats from any of the manufacterers like Bell, Wenonah, Hemlock (smaller more custom builder), would work for you.

I paddled several Bell lightning tech kev crystal boats a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed.

Good luck.

Decked Canoe
I looked at the 3 companies you mentioned and the Bell “Rob Roy” looks like a cross between a canoe and a kayak. Specs: 15’, 28.5", 35#.

five manufacturers

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First of all, you can forget the skeg, although Souris River puts a rudder on their Tranquility solo.

There is a never-ending debate over whether a bench seat is more comfortable than a tractor seat, so you'll have to decide for yourself on that one. You may want to take into account whether you will be doing any kneeling. Some folks are not comfortable kneeling with a tractor seat, but again it is a personal preference.

For good quality carbon fiber boats, you are looking at:

-Bell (black gold layup, available in lightning tech if you want to save a few pounds). Bell typically installs a cane bench seat, but was doing their Magic Pro with a sliding bucket seat.

-Wenonah (graphite layup).

-Savage River

-Grasse River

-Souris River

Hi -

I also have a messed up back, and a great deal of empathy for your situation! Check out the advice given to me on the posting here entitled “bad backs” - there were some great suggestions about boats.

I’d also suggest outfitting the boat with a saddle. It makes a huge difference in my comfort level and my to maintain good stroke techinique with better body mechanics.

I wish you luck!

How light is light?

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My back's OK, but I'm a nonathletic old geezer, which is one of the reasons I've owned solos. The Old Town Pack at 33 lbs is very totable. Now have a WNN Vagabond at 44 or so, and it's almost heavier than I prefer, but it's a great canoe.

Losing the fat and toning up the body(upper & lower) Before you go paddling will produce the most rewards afterwards…i’m not a fan of the sitting when stroking position either…(fwiw_$.01)

The seats are for marketing to the masses…;-):wink:

Best of luck…