Advice on locking kayaks on top of car

I’m traveling and want to take my kayaks. Any advice on keeping them locked up while in hotels and not on the water?

I’d suggest the cable lassos
Search these boards for discussions. Personally I leave mine off while driving. You can make your own and either shrink tube or tape the metal ferrules.

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I use a plastic coated cable
I have one of those dog run ones like they sell in Wally World. I took the snap swivel off, and use a padlock at the ends.

When we are travling/camping, I also use it to lock our bikes to a tree or some other immovable object while we are out paddling, and vice versa if we are out biking.



check these two sites - - or i have the tieyak, and it’s fine when not driving - i’m tempted on the kayaklock - they’re having a spring special

Or you could stuff rabid Chihuahuas in the cockpits to guard them while you are out!

sounds like a great idea !!
would you have a website you could point us to ?? =:-)


rabid Chihuahuas

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Level of security
Unfortunately a dedicated thief with a good pair of bolt cutters can slice through most cable systems very quickly. Fact of life. I would suggest multiple cables, and parking in the best light you can find.

Sleep lightly, too.


Vinyl Coated Cable
A lot of the “Home Depot” type stores sell vinyl coated cable and will cut it to length and swedge small loops on the ends… then just use a standard lock.

Anybody who wants your boats is going to take them… but that will at least slow them down and keep the honest people honest. It may also satisfy your insurance company that you tried :slight_smile:

Personally… I’d boat in a better neighborhood :slight_smile:

Stop at a good bike shop …
… and take a look at their selection of cables, combination locks, and U-locks. Many modern bikes cost as much or more as our boats, so riders are not averse to spending lots on really high-end security stuff. I’ve used a variety of such products for our bikes and boats, while on the car, in camp, or at the put-in.

Kryptonite makes a nice cable called the KryptoFlex—available in a variety of lengths, and which can be daisy-chained together, made of braided cable strands which are more difficult to cut. Combine with a beefy U-lock or a big honkin’ key lock from Master or Sears, prominently displayed. Many thieves will be discouraged by such efforts at first glance, and move on to greener pastures.

it’s not where we boat - it’s getting there that counts - if you drive under 60mph on the cross bronx expressway, you have a good chance of crossing the george washington bridge sans boat

Go to Home Depot & get a…
KRYPTONITE cable lock. Only $12!! They are 5’ long, so you can wrap them right around your rack. They also have a built in combination lock (no keys to loose & no extra cost in buying a lock).

Paddle Easy,


How about dropping one of those
pool alarms that goes off when the water moves into the cockpits? Wouldn’t it do the same thing when they tried to move the kayaks off the vehicles?


Yes, but
It would have to work with Chihuahua urine instead of water.



I think a good watch dog cross would
be a Chihuahua with a Rottweiler


Shaper image and others
sell battery powered motion sensitive alarms. The kind you hang off a doorknob. Set it up, drop it in the boat. If the boat moves it goes off in 15 seconds. Rember to take it out in the morning. fairly cheap especially if you avoid the sharper image, might help a bit. Kryptonite cable good as well. Not much would stop a pro though.

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I get weak whenever I handle Kryptonite.

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