Advice on Owning Two Exact Same Boats

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I'm curious. Do any paddlers out there own two exact (or very similar) brand and model kayaks?

I can imagine several reasons to have more than one of a favorite kayak. A "buddy boat" for equal capability paddlers to join in. One might be repaired while the other is being used (esp for composites). Buy two before they are changed or are stopped being made (sort of like getting two pairs of those great fitting blue jeans because they're on sale and fit like... well..great fitting blue jeans). Easy car-topping as the racks and saddles are all set. Different outfitting--find a boat you like, and outfit it for different conditions: for instance, one ruddered with sail and minicelled cockpit, other factory stock and rudderless. Interchangeablity of parts -foot pegs, seat cushions, dry hatch covers, etc. Ability to use same paddle for each.

I know many would suggest having two different kayaks for various conditions (eg one with plenty of rocker, one without). But I am curious about how many own two of the same, and why? Advantages?

Just wondering if anyone else has paired boats like this. Thanks.

His n Hers
I’ve known a few couples that went and bought the exact same boat, one for each. One shopping trip, same deal, nice and neat.

Scupper Pros
We have two. We both wanted sit on tops and found these to be the best out there for us. (my wife doesn’t like sit insides that much) this way we can maintain the same speed and just enjoy ourselves.


Plastic and FG
I paddle with many folks that have the same boat, but have one in fiberglass and one in plastic.

They prefer the plastic in the rock gardens and surfing, while the glass boat is for all else.


Two the same…
My wife and I have two Walden Odysee’s, one an '03 and one an ‘04. Altho’ we didn’t know the differance when we bought them,the '03 has no rocker and the '04 has a lot of rocker.The '04 is great in the rock gardens and the '03 is best for long flat slow rivers and lakes.

My wife had a Hurricane Santee but after trying my Walen,wanted one just like it.


Multiple Polers
I have a couple of OT Appalachians that a buddy and I use as stunt poling platforms.

They are both old “fleet” boats that I got from a former employer in exchange for teaching a 1/2 day safety class. It was a deal I could not refuse.

Its fantastic to have the pair for working on new moves. We are able to watch exactly what the other is doing and can then parrot the action.

Not boats, but paddles
I’ve never thought about having duplicate boats- it’s really rare to have one being repaired whene I need to paddle.

On the other hand, an identical paddle is important, because that’s the power transmission to the boat. Blisters, sore shoulders, aches, happen when you swap paddles.

A real violinist would rather have a great bow to play with on a cheapie violin, than a great violin with a cheapie and bent bow.

Actually have
two sets of duplicates in my quiver of boats :slight_smile: A pair of scupper-ProTW’s and a pair of NDK Explorers. (there are five others, including a recently built SOF ) Am I a kayak slut or what? :smiley:

dos pungos por favor

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We have his and hers pungo 140's.

Hers is slate blue to match her eyes and mine is sand to match my abrasive demeanor.


Same here two Pungo 140s
I made the mistake of letting my wife try mine out… tried talking her into getting a different boat (so I could use it) but she wouldn’t hear of it. Her boat is red, mine is blue.

2 necky Elaho’s
One for me, and one for my like-sized daughter. No point in not buying her same quality equipment if I want her to like what she is doing, and keep up with me. Also, I want her to be safe, I buy her ALL of the same gear, and safety equipment that I have. She doesn’t paddle as often as I do, but when we go on longer trips, she carries as much as the rest of the party, I’m quite proud of her, and she is proud of herself. Paddling together is one of the best things we have done together, it has been a real boost for her self-esteeem, and helping her to feel self-sufficient. She loves to kayak, and I do not regret on dollar I have spent on her. All I ask is that she CARE for her equipment as if she bought it herself.

Two yellow Old Town Castines.
My wife says they’re cute and that she would would be willing to try one to paddle solo for her first time. She liked it and now we rarely paddle tandem. She probably never would have tried solo paddling if the boats weren’t cute and a matched pair.

don’t do it.

Please do…
And let us know which color is faster… :wink:

I have tow QCC 700s one withskeg one with rudder.

two Old Town Adventure 16s
Bought one for myself. Liked it Wife tried it. Liked it and took it on me. Had to get another one for myself, this one without a rudder.

No, but…
the loon is very similar to the pamlico.

I found that out at a demo

Two Perception Sundance 12s
I have two. I bought a second one last year so my neighbor kid could go out with me. We fish out of them.

Buying something similar, but different really wasn’t an option. I was really satisfied with my Sundance. Why mess with success?

My next yak won’t be a fishing yak, it will be a day tourer. I will of course keep the two Sundances for fishing.

I did it with a car once
We liked a particular car at one time, so I bought one just like it for my wife. Same year, similar mileage. Worked out ok until they started showing their age. Then when something went on one of them, I knew that within a couple of weeks I’d be repairing the other one for the same problem. Happened w/o fail.

With a boat you probably won’t experience the same problems or expense though.

Have several sets of boats. Basically
for already mentioned reasons.

First twins were so other paddler could keep up as boat was fast and very sea worthy. I did not feel right leaving others behind and did not like slowing down or waiting.

Another set is because I like them so much and hard to find quickly. Actually have three of these.

I also loan my boats out a lot. One is on it’s second long trip of the summer. If I do not have duplicates of favorites I likely will not have one to paddle when I want it. Busy family year has kept me from much paddle time. My boats have tripped far more than I have this year! Darn!!!

… etc …