Advice on purchasing new kayak

Have had an inflatable tandem for several years, however tired of patching holes. Looking for a sit on top, stable, plenty of storage in the $500-$800 range. Would prefer a tandem, but only if it is still manuverable with one person. I only paddle on small lakes, streams, and semi-fast rivers. Any suggestions? I think my highest priority is stability since I like to fish too. Thanks for any help you give.

2 suggestions…

Here’s a link to Wilderness systems Tarpon tandem 130T

Poke around the web site and look at the Tarpon 120 and 140 options.

Something else to consider…Native Watercraft Ultimate 14’ tandem. Not a sit on top, but an open kayak “hybrid” that paddles just as well solo as tandem. Easy conversion, excellent seats that are removable and usable on the beach. Easy to paddle, great for fishing, Easy to stand up in and pole if need be.

I’ve paddled the native and think its great for what you say you paddle. Lots of excellent options for camping and overnights.

My buddy fishes a tarpon and he loves it. Happy shopping.

I’m thinking
Manta Ray 12 or a Tarpon. Also. some of the Sit-In models are great for fishing like the Pungo 120 and the Featherlight 14. And the venerable Scupper Pro AKA the RTM Tempo is a great SOT that has been around a while.


Go to this site

There is a lot of SOT info there.

Thanks Everyone!
After everyone’s advice and speaking with several company sales reps, I went with the Tarpon. I appreciate everyone’s input and will continue to visit the message board for more helpful tips. Weather here in Illinois; cold, freezing rain, snow, but I’ve still got the itch and can’t wait for spring!