Advice on purchasing used SUP board

Hi there. New to the community and new to paddling! I know pretty much nothing about boards, other than the reviews I’ve read here. I’m looking at a used BIC Sport 10.0 crossfit board today. Owner says it was purchased last year. I’ve seen this style new selling for $950, they are asking $450 and comes with paddle. Reviews rate it highly for a beginner. Anyone open to sharing their thoughts on this purchase? It seems like a good board at a good price. Anything I should be aware of, red flags to look for, regarding the condition? Thanks in advance!!


The Bic boards are probably fine for someone with little paddling experience. You need to define what kind of water you will be paddling on whether it is calm flat water or larger lakes with wind waves and boat wakes or protected ocean bays or coastline. The board is designed for calm flat water. It has a center keel on the nose of the board that will make it very hard to deal with to turn and balance in waves. It’s also very wide so you can take the kid and the dog. This is fine for just paddling around, but if you want to go places on extended paddles or go fast or paddle on the ocean you’ll soon grow tired of it. The paddle may not be very good at that price point. IF the board has no dings or scrapes or holes oor soft places in the deck pad $450 is probably a fair price. I think the Bic boards are difficult to repair because they are some kind of plastic construction, traditional epoxy fixes don’t work, so make sure you find out from Bic how repairs are done and how much they cost. You may quickly grow out of this board if you enjoy the sport, and may end up keeping this for friends, kids etc. Personally I would look for a slightly more narrow board that is not as thick, if you think you have good balance and want to paddle more than just putter around.