Advice on SE Asia Thailand paddling

Hi all,

I’m looking to paddle in SE Asia possibly in Thailand around Phuket. I’ve found one guide company

But there is a somewhat mixed review. My interest is to find an outfit that is away from the tourist high traffic area that uses sit in sea kayaks and is not a “beginners” paddle. Rustic accommodations and camping are all ok for me. Do want good authentic Thai food and experienced guides. Does anybody have first hand experience and recommendations?

Much appreciated.


yeah me
Pete emaill me asap.

I have a connection there. Can help you with non-guided too which would be best. I did a 30-day solo trip out of near Phuket, non tourist. Island hopped. beautiful. paddled to Maylasia etc . Also did a solo 9 dayer same area. email me today.


I found
I found a great hide a way so email me if you want to get away from tourist and become a traveler! They have good kayaks, and gear including tents and stoves so you dont have to buy when there etc. I went NON guided which was best and plotted route and island hopped most were deserted. You can easily resupply at towns, or stop off at a resort and eat thus not having to carry a lot of food. Plenty to explore. I did a 30-day solo down the coast to Maylaysia border etc. Awesome camps and paddling. IF you want a guide let me know, I could help. BEst to stay away from tourist places for a real adventure. email me and i can send photos, details, company and more info if you want the best paddling experience of your life.


Paddling in SE Asia
Wow Norm, That sounds amazing!!! Though I may not do a solo on my first visit to the area I would love to know more about your trip and any other advice you may have.

Like you I am not into the tourist thing so if I do use a guide which is likely first time round I’d want them to know where to get away from the masses, be knowledgable about the local flora, fauna , environmentally conscience, locally based and generally good people you’d want to spend time with.

Thanks Norm,