Advice on Selling a 1year Old Northstar Canoe

Well I bought a Polaris (formerly the Northstar under Bell) last summer. I may need to sell it so I was wondering what kind of hit I would take. Looks like it went up in price, seem to be selling for about $2600. What do you think is a reasonable asking price. I’m not greedy but I would like to get as much as reasonably possible. The boat is in N.J. and was stored outdoors under a cover. Thanks.

Ok, let’s start with the premise that all new stuff is overpriced. Value does not equal price. As soon as you drive a car off the lot, you take about a 20-25% hit on equity. The next notion, is something’s real value is whatever you can sell it for. So, a canoe in New Jersey may be worth more or less than the exact same boat in Arizona. I’d say you should price your boat at 80% of the price you paid (not current pricing) and adjust from there. Items depreciate from original pricing, not current pricing. If you get a lot of serious interest, raise the price quickly. If not, drop the price by 2-5% after a reasonable period until interest picks up. Until someone comes to see a boat, you are not obligated to offer it at a certain price.

I sent you a PM (if I did it right!)

boats kayaks canoes are all seasonal too. What you can get now will be different than the spring or summer.