Advice on Union River Bay, ME?

Had posted weeks back for paddling spots on our trip to ME; thanks again to those who responded. Will be staying on the water on the Acadia side of Union River Bay and wondering if anyone has any input as to the character of this location for paddling? Anything to see? Beach is right off our door, but have never been there. We’ll be bringing the tandem, the single and bikes also, so hikes and rides in Acadia itself are planned. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

union river bay

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leads into Blue Hill bay which is a great paddling spot---for begineer trips I would suggest circumnavigating Barletts Island starting from Pretty Marsh Harbor on the west side of MDI--or a circumnavigation of Long Island starting from the South Blue Hill boat ramp---I would also suggest Shelly Long's book 40 Kayak Trips on the Maine Coast or Dorcas Millers Kayaking the Maine Coast--

-For more advanced trips I would recommend Seal Cove(not Harbor)on the West side of MDI to Tinker Island and, if you are feeling frisky, to Pond Island. Another advanced trip is from Seal Harbor(not Cove) on the south side of MDI to the Cranberries---you can also start from Northeast Harbor.

WARNING--I couldn't tell from your post how much expereince you have on ocean paddling but you should have and be able to use a chart and deck compass--- even for the beginner trips--other wise you might get lost in the fog etc

Our house is right on the water at the tip of the peninsula (Probably should have gone for something right on Mt. Desert in retrospect…), so will likely end up cartopping. Looks like a little distance to the islands’ side from the scale on the map, and not sure about commercial traffic in that area. I’ll have the big Tango tandem and likely the Epic 18-so sea worthiness is not an issue. (Wife and daughter have some experience in chop, but the fog will be a new thing, so I’ll be very cautious.) Have GPSs and will source out some charts in the area as well. Appreciate the advice, and looking forward to lobster and blueberry pie.


deck compass
should also be taken—you can pick one up at Kittery Trading Post, LL Beans, Maine Sport, or Cadilac Mountain Sports in Ellesworth.—enjoy the pie and lobster and have fun.