Advice re Sears 17' aluminum canoe model #61009

I’m looking to get a used canoe that is as durable and friendly as the 17’ aluminum Grumman I paddled back in my youth. I see a Sears 17’ model #61009 for sale on Craigslist. Any thoughts or comments on that one.
I’m looking to be able to fit a child and 2 adults. Lake and river paddling. Only minor whitewater if at all. Thanks for any ideas or insights you might have.

looks solid, you should be able to do your lake and river paddling in it, enjoy!

no dents, go for it.

Aluminum canoes have keels. Look for a shoe keel instead of the regular keel if you can. Keels are a problem on rivers. Aluminum sticks on rocks. If you have paddled them before then you already know that.
There is a new product out there called Wetlander that makes boats slippery so they can slide over rocks. I am going to use it on my drift boat. It would help an aluminum canoe a lot.

That is going to be heavy. Make sure you have a plan for transporting, loading, unloading, etc.