Advice Sought Day Paddles Bangor Acadia

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I am looking for any advice about day paddles in Bar Harbor or at Acadia National Park. I would like to know some good trips to take, and if there are any parking difficulties. I would really like to see any caves.

I am an intermediate level paddler with experience off of Cape Cod, Rhode Island, LI sound and have the right clothing and gear.

There aren’t any sea caves
The wrong geology

Hadley Point is unlimited parking and free and on the north shore of MDI

The Ovens is as close as you will get. It’s about three miles east of Hadley Point

Off Sergeant Drive is s hand carry launch on Somes Sound

sea caves
If you have the experience and skills - there are sea caves. Send me a PM.

Just got back
We went to Bar Harbor last month. We flew in from Atlanta so we didn’t have our boats. We took two different trips. The first was unguided at a Bar Harbor and went out along the islands off the coast. I don’t really recommend this trip. Not because it wasn’t fun, but because the second trip was so much better. We went with Maine States Sea Kayak. We paddled through a seal breeding ground and the seals would come up to 4’ from our boats. We also saw a variety of star fish.

Thanks for your recommendation…I was looking for an experience like that.

Seal Harbor
Went north from seal Harbor, then the seas got too high and confused, I retreated back south. The problem was big swells coming in from east, while the reach of the south wind sent waves north. Towards the cliffs, the reflections made it even worse . Found a few slots on pvt property. Found a place in the rock gardens that made me motionless despite the waves and wind. That was fun.

Going south to Northeast harbor and beyond was not much fun due to megadalon yacht traffic

No seals or porpoises. Lots of birds.