Do you think I will see a difference in glide between the current design solara 135 and the Oldtown castine 145.

6’ 3, 270lbs.
I have the solara and I’m thinking of buying the oldtown.

solara spec: Overall Length: 13’ 6" (411.48cm)
Width: 28.00" (71.12cm)
Depth: 13.00" (33.02cm)

Cockpit Size:
Length: 45.50" (115.57cm)
Width: 20.00" (50.8cm)

castine spec: Length
14’ 6" | 4.4 m
26.5 in | 67.3 cm
39 in x 21 in | 99 cm x 53.3 cm
Deck Height
16 in | 40.6 cm
Weight Capacity
450 lb |

especially in flat water.

You have boat fever. Buy it.

The extra foot will help. Someone your size probably needs a 16 footer.

Even in flat water?

theoretical hull speed is 1.55 times the square root of waterline length… This is speed.
Glide depends on bottom condition and mass (inertia). For most rec yakers its unimportant.
You do need a 16 footer because you are a big boy… Those weight limits have little to do with performance… At 450 lbs that kayak would be like paddling a log
Performance weight limits are around 60 percent of “Capacity” and some higher end kayak mfrs state Performance weight limits. Old Town does not. So the Castine is the smallest that would work for you but I would continue looking for a better boat… Used of course.

ah Kayamedic, you broke my heart… :’(
I’m a little allergic to cokpit smaller than that.
and I still prefer a sit-in.
thank you for this dose of realism
(a log like Solara 135!)

I think glide is generally defined as the ability of a boat to keep moving under its own momentum after you stop paddling. To get glide, in general you want longer and narrower. The Castine has both, so should help noticeably with glide. But if you went to say a 16’ boat that is 24 inches wide, that would provide even more glide.

Glide could also refer to the ability to keep moving STRAIGHT after you stop paddling, and this is more related to length but also the hull shape (less rocker front to aft, whether there is a keel built in, etc.).

Tracking that Peter mentioned is a function of block coefficient and bow rocker doesn’t affect it… Racing yachts often have lots of it… Stern is different.

I appreciate your advice and admire your knowledge, you are king, but could you be less clear? :s

At 255 pounds I can tell you 14ft long and 24 " wide is ok for a play boat but not for “glide” or touring. I concur on the 16 or 17 ft boat.

i understand, i continue my thought process. tks.