Advise on Canoe Type

Hello all, I’m looking to get my first canoe. My experience level is 5-10 outings per year for approx 20 years. Certainly not a pro but am comfortable on flat water to Class III. I have rented or borrowed many different types of canoes; Buffalo, Old Town, Mad River, Mohawk. My question is, what overall type of boat would you choose for the following activity: I’m interested in taking my son (who is also not new to paddling) on short weekend trips, with fishing. The majority of my time will be on Class I-II water, likely never higher and the occasional flat water lake/pond trips. As I expect we will do little of the latter, I’m willing to give up ease of paddling on flat water for river maneuverability. Speed is also not an issue. Any advise for categories and perhaps a few examples of what boats you may choose? Looking to spend $1500-$2000. Also, I’m relatively young and healthy, so weight is also not a huge issue.

A Prospector type hull with a little rocker to provide the maneuverability you’re looking for, and plenty of capacity for two people with camping and fishing gear. I’m partial to Novacraft, and since you’re not worried about weight a Novacraft Prospector 16 in SP3 would be within your price range.


Times have changed and many models and even makers have fallen by the wayside. Canoe prices have risen and the price of new canoes will continue to do so with inflation and the rising cost of petroleum products. Whereas $2000 used to buy a new canoe of quality, now not so much. Of course, these factors, the demise of Royalex, and the general shortage in the supply chain of new boats has also resulted in prices of used boats going up.

I would look around at the used market in your area specifically for tandem canoe of approximately 16 feet length. See what is available in your price range and then determine whether an available boat will meet your needs.

I have a tandem Wenonah Adirondack in royalex that pretty much does it all.

You can sometimes find them used for a pretty solid price. Don’t weigh that much either. I think mine is mid 50’s