Advise on price of OT Tripper

Hey all, wondering if you would weigh in on the asking price of an OT tripper I’ve found locally for sale. Definitely love these boats, have paddled one in the past. Boat is 17’2’’, royalex with ash gunwales and cane seats that all look to be in great condition. He’s also throwing in some high quality wooden paddles. Guy is asking $1200. Thoughts. Given the current market, I felt something like $1000 would be reasonable for such a quality canoe in what appears to be great condition

You won’t find any better!

Trippers are the pick ups of the canoe world. They cost around 1000-1,200 new for a long time. Beat up ones go for cheap. A nice is worth what you are willing to pay. They don’t come around that often because they get used hard. I would be more comfortable around 700-800 but I shop hard and always make money on canoes.

Depends where you are at and what the market will bear.

Covid has also threw a wrench in the works this year also.

This spring I bought an OT Guide 147 3 layer poly with those gawd awful plastic seats and plastic gunwales in really nice shape for 150 bucks. I replaced the seat and I’m pretty happy with the boat.

You are looking a few steps up and a more desirable canoe and around here it would sell fast at $600-700. Most would be asking $800-900

It is the end of the season and it all depends on how good it has been kept and how much you like it. The time to buy is when you see it.

one locally is asking $800 and its been on the market a couple of weeks

Who puts four people in a canoe that is not 20 feet long?
OT has over rated their weight capacities consistently for decades.