Advise on Titan by Atlantis

I have a new paddler who can get a deal on a Titan by Atlantis. I saw the kayak in the shop but never had the chance to try it on the water. I would appreciate the feedback from paddlers who own or tried this new brand of kayak out of BC, Canada. The new paddler is also a wind surfer so speed and a dynamic hull would be a plus. Any tips?

What is it most used for?
You will get most useful feedback here by first saying

What is the boat going to be used for 95% of the time? If get a high volume expedition boat, but rarely use it for that, it is less playful, more windage, etc.

Small, medium or big paddler, fit is everything, all else second. Yes if a bit too big, fitting with foam works, but if too small, you are cooked.

What is the skill level of paddler now and in future? Wanting to take photos and fish, novice, not interested in textured waters, open crossings, etc, very different boat. Not way strong, a narrow longer boat will not be faster and will not be happy experience.

Tell us more.

Kayak for coastal paddling
I am basically looking for a kayak review from someone who owns or has used a Titan. The paddler is about medium build (175 lbs) and would be using the boat for mostly coastal paddling. There may be some overnighters, however, mostly day trips. This person windsurfs as well so I would expect he would like a fast and dynamic boat. He will be paddling with a few of us with glass boats so he wants a hull that can keep up with experienced paddlers. That’s about it. I would appreciate paddler’s comments.