Advise Please on buying my first Kayak!

Hi, I hope you can help! I’m very new to Kayaking but spend alot of time in Slovenia so am looking to invest in a kayak for the local rivers. There seems to be so much choice I’m after some inside information.

Here are my requirements.

I want a kayak that is suited to slow rivers as well as white water upto level 3. I am a total beginner so realise I will need to have some lessons.

I’m 5’10" and weigh 90kg (about 14.5 stone)

I’d like it to be comfortable and reasonably forgiving but at the same time light and responsive (if that’s possible!)

In the past I’ve made the mistake of thinking I was a better skier than I am and the choice of a high spec ski has punished me. I don’t want to make the same mistake with a Kayak so am looking for ideas on which brands and models I should take a closer look at.

Money is tight at the moment so probably need to avoid top-end cost models or I am more than happy to go for older, second hand models if I can find them on ebay or through other channels.

Any thoughts would be really welcome. I also have a 52kg daughter and a 28kg son who are also keen to take up the sport so any information on makes that cater well for kids would also be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Inflatable or oldschool white water
kayaks, very easy to transport, a few used ones on ebay. Aire is another brand. Old school boats between 10-13 ft long are often for sale for $100-200 US with paddle and gear. They are good for learning to roll and great for rivers you describe, They are squirrelly on flat water,but you will develop an effective paddle stroke keeping them straight. Easily resold. Names: Perception Dancer, Mirage Corsica Pirouette, Dagger Crossfire, Animas.There are others

Justin, are you making full use of the
UK organizations and websites? Pyranha makes the Fusion, a 10’ kayak that is good in whitewater but has a drop skeg for cruising on the flats. They’re a UK company so you should get good support.