AE AdvancedFrame

I’m thinking of buying an Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame. Anyone have any comments?

I considered one, but…
…ended up going with an innova Helios.

For the best discussion of inflatables, see

Try before you buy
If there is some way you can try one before you buy it and then compare it to other folding craft that would be a safe thing to do… time well spent rather than money carelessly spent. I speak from experience.

Write down all that you are expecting from your boat and the top limit that you want to spend THEN go shopping.

Good luck.

Buying a second one…
I’ve had mine for several months now and I love it. I’m 5’8" and 190lbs and it fits me well and is extremely comfortable. Very stable and tracks very well for a 10’5" boat. Just took it last weekend on an 18 mile trip on the Upper Delaware and was very happy.

At the class II rapids at Skinners Falls 6 out of 18 boats in our group dumped. As I was helping retrieve stray paddles below the rapids, a NPS ranger who was helping capsized paddlers get to shore called over to me with a smile, “I knew you wouldn’t dump! I have that boat myself and I love it!”

It was an unsolicited endorsement that I really appreciated.

My daughter tried it for about a mile (before I insisted she give it back) and is now pressuring me into getting her one also.

I agree with MrKen’s advice. Check it out firsthand before you buy. My own experience with the Airframe has been very positive and I’ll definitely be buying one for my daughter.