Aeralite Repair

-- Last Updated: Aug-04-11 10:06 AM EST --

Any suggestions on repairing this type of material? I have received instructions from the maker. Just wanted to check if anyone has suggestions or experience on this type repairs and material.

This is a major fix, split on the upper deck dead center, separation of upper and lower deck, major split running vertically near the water line and crack in upper deck. All these repairs are on the stern of the boat.

I’m not clear on the nature of the
material. Who is the manufacturer? I imagine you are dealing either with something similar to Lexan, or a resin/fiber mix like those used by Robson or Esquif.

They were kind enough to send a document on how to repair. Was looking for any advice form those that might have repaired the same material.

Thermoplastic Repairs
Check Eddyline Kayaks website. They have detailed instructions and videos for doing repairs to thermoplastic. You can also order repair materials directly from them.

How did it crack?

Sad story
Was helping out a non-profit in Columbus on the scioto river. We chain lock the Kayaks on a floating dock. Sat night there was much rain and just happen the stern of my kayak was hanging over the dock about 6 inch and the river went up about 5 feet. The retaining wall next to the dock has a 6 inch protrusion. as the water rose my stern caught on this and folded/crushed the stern :frowning: