Aerolite/thermoplastic Carolina

ok,I just saw the new model and they fixed the weak spot where the back band could rip out the seat hanger just by sitting in it. It appears to have a thick block of plastic behind it. wow,this is quick.

Good to know!

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Thanks for posting this, as the seat problem was one of the main turn offs about the Carolina Airolite. So now this is back on my short upgrade list, but I'm a bit more interested in the Avatar models. I'm just having trouble trying to find an Avatar to look at.

~ Arwen ~

Tei, does this apply to your Carolina?
You might want to check and see if there’s some kind of retro-fix…

one step at a time…
…now they need to figure out how to make an Airalite Carolina weigh ten or fifteen pounds less than a poly one (like it already should).

Prijon Eski
in carbon, 38lbs. Nice boat. Check it out

But for a lot more money . . .
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price without rudder:

Prijon Eski = $2,999

Perception Carolina Airalite = $1600

I’m not saying that the Eski isn’t worth the price, but price is one of the main selling points for Airalite.

~ Arwen ~