Aeropress coffee maker

I dont normally tout a item however…

This thing is awesome. Just did a trip on Pine Creek (in PA) (in reviews) and I had some GOOD coffee. The directions say to add one scoop and water to the number on the side to make a cup of espresso then add a bunch of water… I put in 4, boiled about 16oz of water, pressed it then added the rest of the water… If you can float a horseshoe on it, its about strong enough. Awesome, fast, and smooth.
The only downside is that you need a fairly wide sturdy cup. I had to press into a cookset pot, then pour that into the travel cup, then add water to the travel cup.

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I have been using an Aeropress for years and it makes a great cup of coffee. Being the only one in my house who drinks coffee it is a perfect solution. Great for camping since it is small, lite and easy.

I have heard good things about those, and might need to give one a try. I have been more of Tasters Choice man up till now.