Aerospace 303

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thinking on dragging the yak out for cleaning n waxing before hauling out too the Coast accessed 303 in Amazon only to find a marine version ! 2x good tube true ? apparently .....

$15 for 16oz not 32oz

maybe the marine is thicker stickier more effective ?

damn coons.....

Having sailed saltwater for 40 plus

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years; not continuously, I have that "marine grade" means the product won't rust. Hope that helps explain the high price. My kid's a Marine;no rust on him either.
Bought a gallon of that stuff years back. Think I'll sell what's left of it, pay off the a Corvette...

marine 303

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is available for 20 years ?

the kayak is worth $$$$ so $14/.5 is only moderately painful given the expectation I'm not gonna see any difference tween street n marine grades.

the street 303 maybe in its thinness compared to marine
saturates the miles of shock cords n nylon straps on my Solstice .... the street rejuvenates UV damaged strapping n cordage. for example.

I see the street on the van's windshield.....99% clarity. No biggie, spray street on straps, marine on deck gelcoat.

compare linseed n silicone

I wuz wondering abt the Corvette yesterday....I travel to Titusville for racket launching, lived down the street at the inlet...there was a Corvette moulding factory on 1A. I hear the owner died. Liver prob ...

I imagine degasings of 1970's Corvette's are largely controlled in 2000.

maybe what the traffic will bear?

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I've noticed over the years that many products are more costly in stores that cater primarily to the marine trade. Perhaps they figure anybody who owns a boat ("a hole in the water that you pour money into") will pay whatever is charged. For instance, BoeShield lubricant (which I use to protect the frame connections in my folding kayaks from corroding together) is 40% cheaper at bicycle shops than the boating stores, at least in my neck of the woods.

Makes me wonder if sticking "marine" into a product name just automatically jumps the price.

By the way, found this test review of various such products:

West Marine
in Naples is very upscale. The store has upscale cashiers.

I am often introduced as a Sea Kayaker who eg developed the Flamingo Long Key route…

or of San Juan Orca…

very clubby…uplifting ruboffness for the dinghy people.

from Goo: ‘Naples, Florida,sales tax rate is 6.00%. Income tax is 0.00%. The income per capita is $83,798, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $77,525’

Are there any chemists in the house?

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If your kayak is poly use Turtlewax in the spray bottle(about $6)--It offers all the UV/salt protection one needs.

If your kayak is made of more expensive material than plastic, stop complaining about 15 bucks.

Daggermat, make that two Corvettes--I have roughly the same amount hanging around for at least the last nine years.

And "Marine" is a very suspect term--Good ol' Mister Retailer loves to utilize it on suckers. Fr'instance, 100% acrylic latex house paint, will hold up as long or even longer than many a "Marine" paint at four times the price. Caveat Emptor.

Wax vs penetrant

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Does 303 enter a plastic
surface ?

Is marine 303 entering the gelcoat surface as does a probably less viscous street 303 ?

Assuming a larger specific gravity is more viscous than a lower.

Off course the marine applies over the street. 303 would sell a kit. N Something for aluminum ?

Hmmm the time is 4:22AM. I asked the cattle. They said the idea bears little fruit as something went wrong with the sunlight.

If yawl have unused 303 try it on the windshield. A dilute car wash/dishwashing liquid clean windshield in rain. Wipe clean windshield of possible grit, wipe clean wipers, rewet,

Zap 303 spray up from wiper path n turn on wipers. Stop after 4-5 wipes n move over run back onto wiper path with plastic grocery bag.

Rewet with rain then wipe n drive off.

Maguire’s Yacht wax.
Apply and buff. Good UV protection and no oil slick like 303.

still recall my dad saying, 45 years ago
"You go to the dept. store, a mop is $2.99, camping store it’s $3.49, boating store, now it’s suddenly a ‘yacht mop’ and $7.99."

I use both. Nu Finish car wax on the fiberglass once a year, and 303 on the plastic & rubber, just like I do with my car.

I have a Caribou that’s 18 years old, and it’s still shiny on the deck and sides. The bottom on the other hand…deep scratches, repaired holes and gelcoat, and a keel strip. Wax won’t help that.

We have a few others that we do the same with. They all look good above the waterline


THE MARKET in a free society rules…generally.

Walmart does a job here…

But for example,,ss:44,p_ord:p&tbm=shop



$24 !

Your father would blow fuse.

lookit that, a planetary survey in 5 minutes.

Current Designs sale
an accessories sale b4 the holiday season.

CD offers a house formulation for 3 in 1 application.

How about Novus Clean and Shine?

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64 oz for $12.31:

I always liked 303 but decided to try Novus for a thermoformed kayak. It turned out really well. Impressed. Can't beat that price. As I recall Eddyline recommends it.

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Novus Novus
I wuz compiling an Amazon list…after passing by a creative writing price on Bezos’ imminent beating by Rumpites. …

when I quagmired on 303.

Amazon torpedoed with 3 types:1) standard n thin for penetration, now an indispensable windshield application, 2)

a plastic composite n vinyl 303 thicker for yak n black nose Ford van …Ford is vinyl, and 3) MARINE.


Yesterday, I went to CD finding XD sold out of CD’s concoction prob more costly yet.

Now Novus, prob the WD40 of it.

Awful. I may ditch the lot n donate to Planned Parenthood

303 types?
are all 303 products the same? or are there different types of 303 for different applications?

ask Bezos

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Amazon sells the line.

I bought the thinned regular and the new vinyl/rubber/composite for topping off on the van's black nose the new vinyl coating.

do I hear cries of 'SUCKER' ?

I have separate uses n of course the stuff doesn't' go bad'

I wud again point out...wuhwuhwuh...thin 303 regular on the Ford's front vinyl applied after a thorough brush scrubbing n dried in hot sun for several days shines like shoe polish.

Rain wipes out the shine. Many believe 303 washed off. That dos not appear true, only the shine washes off. There is an enduring 303 not shiny layer there months after application in uh normal weather ie not Portland or Seattle.

prove this out by cracking you favorite Ming Vase in half, scrubbing, coating with 303, drying, then leaving it outside.

Try glueing it back together.

Some different types

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I use the original 303 Aerospace Protectant. Once I wasn't paying attention and grabbed a bottle that turned out to be a protectant and clear vinyl cleaner as well. No idea if it cleans because if my boat is grimy, I wash it down first.

Then there's the marine/recreational 303 which is the same stuff as the original - they just charge more for the "marine/recreational" words.

The 303 Fabric Guard water repellent is pretty good. Spray it on Sunbrella type material I use to cover my boat in full sun.