Affordable PFDs for kayak fishing?

I’d like to hear suggestions for an affordable PFD for sit-in kayak fishing. I’ve read many reviews, but some complain about the lack of bouyancy. I’d appreciate any suggestions from those of you who have actually been in the water with theirs!

NRS Chinook

Two things
you want in any PFD are comfort and most important one that actually keeps your head up out of the water.That sounds obvious but many designs don’t do that.They require you to maintain your position.That might be OK if your conscious and able to do so but if not you will drown.

I have this one…
This is the one I wear:

It’s comfy, the zipper front is much more comfortable than just straps. And, the padding in the front/sides is positioned low enough to allow good arm movement for paddling. I tested it in the pool, and it supports me very well in the water… Considering I’m 325 lbs.

I’m considering upgrading to this one by the same maker:

Back padding
Where is the back flotation on the one you have now? Is it comfortable for a high-back kayak seat?

Try Them Out!
You absolutly must put on anthing you think you would like to buy.

My .02!

Modern PFDs seem to bunch up the flotation to allow for freedom of movement. Many of the backs are bulky and not suitable for a high-backed seat. Look at lifejackets designed for kayaks.

A device that can save your life is the last place to try and save money. Buy a new one and forget about the cost. I like NRS and Cascade Outfitters.

re pfd
MTI, NRS STOLQUIST, a lot of good pfds. Don’t go cheap, like anything else, u get what u pay for,

cheaply priced = lack of boyancy…

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Astrals feature more bulk lower on the torso making fishing(the casting kind) a lot easier imho...
Many "name" brands make good ones...Stohlquist(sp?), mentioned don't go with the cheapest. Doesn't have to be the top shelf model, and but try on (as said) if possible.

Stohlquist Fisherman…
spend the extra few bucks (this pfd still comes in under $100) and you won’t be disappointed. Front folding zippered pockets (left and right) offer plenty of storage space.