"After Bite" sticks rock!

Went paddling out of Jamestown, RI yesterday. Unpredicted great paddling weather, and a decent swell to make the cliffs and rocks a lot of fun.

Anyway, we decided to land on a state beach for lunch after we headed up the bay from the ocean. There were tiny waves coming in, and I was just getting out of my boat, when a sizeable jellyfish washed by. I let out an expletive, and tried to jump over it from out of my kayak — NOT. Got me on both legs, front and back.

For some reason, I don’t experience the pain that many folks do when I get nailed by one of the little devils. I get a burning, itchy sensation that’s not very distressing. I like that, because I’ve gotten stung about a half dozen times over the years.

So, I just let out another expletive, and said “The bastard got me”, and headed into my rear hatch to find my first aid kit. While I was eating lunch, I applied the bite stick to everywhere that itched, and 30 minutes later, it was like nothing ever happened. Love it!

I like the stick because it’s small and convenient. But the active ingredient is plain old ammonia – you can carry a small bottle of it and a cotton ball, and get the same relief. Well worth carrying, especially this summer, where we’re experiencing a glut of jellies.

My stick will stay in my kit permanently.

Good for mosquito bites, too
I didn’t know they would work on jellyfish stings. Which I hope I will never get again.

Thanks for the useful review
I’m going to order a couple to take on paddling trips and an Adirondack family vacation this summer



I like to tube applicator
easy to carry, can be bought at Wally World. I have never tried it on jellyfish stings tho. Your thread made me think of “back in the day” when I was learning to surf in the TX gulf, I spent lots of time in the ranger station getting “doctored” for jf stings, apparently the have a different kind of toxin than bee stings which I’m highly allergic to, thank goodness,as it was pretty common to get nabbed more than once a day. I had the difference explained back then, don’t remember now. I’ve used the product for all kinds of other bites, and glad to now it works on them too.

Someething I used back when I was diving
was Adolf’s meat tenderizer. Worked like a charm just rub it on where they got you. I think the jellyfish came in early this year I saw some around URI back in eary April and they were good sized also.

Fishers Island Sound
was loaded with them yesterday. Block Island was clear. Looks like I’m headed back to Block :-)…

About 10 years ago
we had an invasion that was worse than I’ve seen this year. I was paddling at the Thimble Islands solo one day, and you could seemingly walk across the water on the jellies.

My hands got stung a few times that day from tendrils on my paddle. Hopefully, this invasion too will pass.