after market thigh padding

we have an old 10’ Waldon Exoperience that I would like to add thigh pads to.

Any suggestions for after market source or other method?


Padz makes a peel and stick set of foam thigh pads. Quick and easy. I have no personal experience with these as far as staying put, though.

Any paddling shop that deals with NRS could also have them in stock or order them for you and save shipping costs on a small item like this.

With relief
If you want them to have some shape then thicker minicell foam shaved to shape with a rasp or Dragon Skin (really, I didn’t make the name for the stuff) glued into place with Barge Cement, Lexel, etc. will work.

Otherwise for just some padding a $10 sheet of self adhesive backed minicell 1/4" foam would do the trick.

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