After the Bomb Cyclone – Scantic in CT

My trip to NH got cancelled on Saturday due to a bomb cyclone that brought high winds and blizzard conditions up north. Fortunately, there was a trip scheduled on the Scantic in CT on Sunday after the storm had passed, so I did that instead.

We ran the 5-mile section that is the course for the Scantic Spring Splash whitewater race. The first half is quickwater/class I, and the second half is class II with three class II+ (maybe III rapids) - Stokers is a 3-foot ledge that needs to be run from the left, Chimney - an β€œS” turn through some rocky ledges run down the middle , and Staircase - a series of ledges that look like a staircase with a large shoot at the bottom. Everyone made it through fine.

It was cold, but still a nice day to be out on the water. Few pictures here:



It sounds like you still had fun!

Saturday was a pretty horrid day to be outside here in NH. A few inches of heavy wet snow with high winds earlier in the day, then late afternoon it all froze to a sheet of ice.

Fun! Thanks for the pics.

We had high winds and rain here in RI, and then it all froze solid. Going to be 70 here on Friday - go figure.

I can’t complain as it brought the waves that I was able to catch last Friday. Looks like rain this coming Saturday. More water for the rivers and the ocean will get a bit of stirring. :slight_smile:



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