aftermarket composite thigh braces

Hi, its been awhile for me on here, been into whitewater for awhile. But, now I have a real nice lake boat, a Janautuca Anadyr. It has everything I need to paddle hard and fast except for some aggressive thigh braces. Does anyone know of a aftermarket composite that can be attached to the fiberglass combing and what ‘glue’ would I use. Thanks for reply.Any Anadyr paddlers out there?

Easy to make
Mini-cell foam and course sand paper. Shape as you want.

Attach with Fastbond contact cement.

If you want hard thigh braces, look
around for curved plastic vessels with the right curvature. Cut out the shapes you need. They can be attached with pop rivets. Some plastics can be attached with epoxy, but not polyethylene.

Once you have them attached, you can pad them with minicell foam and contact cement.

I did this by cutting pieces out of a discarded kayak hull, but you may lack access to such. Even a broken kayak paddle blade might provide some curved surfaces for thigh braces.

thanks for the ideas
I’m not ready to cut up any of my other boats, but I do have a ‘blue’ plastic barrel that would give me the curvature. Also tempted on canabalizing some pyranha thigh braces off my playboat, really thinking about ‘stopsign’ aluminum and forming those and then thinly minicell them. Really don’t want to rivet them, wonder if g flex would stuck aluminum to fiberglass. This is my first fiberglass boat, I am very familiar with poly and royalex adhesion materials. I just don’t want to be making too many mistakes with this pretty boat