Aftermarket drain plugs

Anyone know of a good place to order a drain plug kit for a single layer Polyethylene yak? Alternatively does anyone have any suggestions on rigging one up using other readily available materials from the local hardware store?



NRS site …
…this plug should fit any brand kayak…

Yeah, I’ve installed a couple of Harmony
drain plug kits. They use rubber washers around the screws that expand after the assembly is put in through the three pre-drilled holes. I haven’t seen a recent example, but on mine I added a little Nylon string keeper for the plug, because the molded plastic keeper can be pulled out of the hole, for example by mischievious fellow paddlers.

West Marine
I picked up a couple at West Marine that look just like the Harmony drain plugs, but cost more, of course.

Duckworks has several types:

Ditto, but the ones I installed which …
were Harmony had the string attached.

Jack L

Thanks guys, for $7 I’ll probably go with the harmony.