Aftermarket hatch bag?

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I did a search for this and didn't find any topics- so sorry if it is addressed elsewhere.

I just got a Pamlico 135T and there is a hatch cover in the back- but no bulkhead or bag. So the hatch cover is kind of pointless. Does anybody know of an aftermarket 10" bag I can drop in to keep stuff dry?

Thanks for any help.

dry bags
I don’t know if you will find a bag that will fit specifically for the space there, but there are plenty of dry bags available that would work. If you go to or any other kayaking outfitter and search on “dry bags”, you will find lots of them.


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but it's there!

I'd look around for a deep tupper ware container to fit there. Oh,,I got it,,those BIG yellow round water coolers. It might fit in jammed under the deck and you'd have flotation PLUS a beer/soda cooler.

Another fun detail in the WS kayaks is the day hatch on the shorter Tsunamis,,,where there's no bulkhead between the two hatches. WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP!

dang,,it's too shallow for the cooler. Honestly go check out various 10" diameter tupper ware containers with lids and see if one fits. You could criss cross bungies over it to hold it into the hole. The hatch is superflous regarding retaining buoyancy or preventing shipping of water, if water is coming in that high off the stern it's probably coming in over the sides.

Yeah,, a 10" tupper ware container about 6" deep.

I love it! I will do just that. Probably save me $50 and I can replace it if it gets nasty… Thanks.

might be able to adapt
a beckson stow-away hatch?

No tupperware big enough!
Can’t find any tupperware to fit. I tried a 2 gallon bucket from Home Dumpo- figuring the lid has an actual seal. Darn thing is about 0.002" too small- just barely slips in when any pressure is put on it. Argh! And that’s not an “I’m being funny, like a piratre ‘Argh’.”

Hatch Bags…
The hatch bag combos are made for each other. The hatch has a lip inside the opening to support the bag.

You would have to replace the hatch to get a really good bag system.

I use small ones in my wooden boats and they are great for small items like keys and wallets.

Why not
make a foam bulkhead? I did it on a KeoweeII I once owned.