Aftermarket seat for Storm?

I have a Current Designs Storm, which I like, except for the seat which gives me a sore lower back and numb or cramped legs after only a short time. I’m looking for a good aftermarket seat, though if there is a good pad and new backband I’d look at those too.




a new seat won’t help
If your legs go numb AND your back gets sore that’s a sure sign that your hamstrings are so tight that you sitting with your eight behind your sitz bones (compressing nerves and cutting off circulation to your legs) and hyperextending your lower back (due to pelvic tilt rearward)

Start a hamstring stretching program and don’t stop untill you can bend at the waist with a straight back with your hands under the balls of your feet.

Another symptom of pervic tilt is is soreness in the small muscles just in front of your hip bones.

Along time ago…
I had a problem with my legs going numb after about 1/2 hour… A very experienced paddler advised me to glue ww hip pads to the floor right under where my calves would be located. This gives lift to the rest of your leg taking the pressure away from the area where the forward edge of the seat would put pressure on whatever nerve that gets pinched causing the numbness. Other than that, Thermarest sells a blow-up pad to shove under your thighs. Some people just partialy blow up their paddle floats and use it for the same purpose…