AfterMarket Thigh Braces...

who carries these? Any brand, preferably adjustable.

Google search has proven futile.


Marcel Rodriguez told me about making thigh braces out of HDPE. You have to heat it up to shape it, but then it takes a permanent set.

Try searching on’s builder’s section for more on this.

If you want to do it, I can give you the pieces of HDPE that Marcel gave me. I didn’t use them. I might use them sometime but if you definitely want to do it, I’ll give them to you rather than hanging onto them as “maybe” items.

Thanks, PB
May not need it anymore. I extended that weird, across the cockpit, foam brace back by about three inches and stiffened it with a cut piece of pvc piping.

Seemed to work pretty well this morning. I actually like it because my leg feels encased in seperate snug tunnels. It’s a very solid hold, even when I fell face first from the wave lip to the trough! May not even have to install a seat belt in this boat. :slight_smile: