My friend in Norway posted a poem called “Effterpaa” which means “Afterwards” or actually “When this is all over”. It alludes to a couple who are now separated sitting in the warm sun somewhere sharing a glass, close together feeling as one …

Instead of watching continual Covid-19 coverage I have been trying to make plans for the what I will do when it’s over, maybe a new self-employment not connected to what I have done for about 40 years, learning some songs to play at a Fall festival (if it happens), doing some plumbing and home repair jobs that I have procrastinated because they are just too awful or too time consuming, and planning a big trip. Thinking about a trip to Norway that will include surfing above the Artic Circle, Coastal paddling in Lofoten Islands and between light houses in Southern Norway and a nice calm paddle down one of the most beautiful fjords in the World. Will need to find some like minded paddlers for safety and make it worth an outfitters cost for boat transportation. Anyone else have plans for “afterwards”?

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I am looking forward to the (hopefully) rescheduled SailGP race in San Fran (, the coolest new sport to hit the world in the last decade or more. We had tickets but that got canceled. I am hopeful they reschedule for late this year. Ben Ainsley just came on to team Britain and made everyone look like n00bs in his first race. I really want to see if Tom Slingsby can rally and repeat his dominant performance of last year

(PS, all SailGP races are available for free on Youtube and I HIGHLY recommend watching all of them in sequence. Just search SailGP. Its a truly beautiful sport. Fast, cutting edge, skillful, nail biting, just great) They hit over 55 knots last year and were consistently over 30kts in almost every race. crazy.

Other than that I hope the Gorge Downwind Champs are not canceled. They will make a decision on that in early June. Also we were planning a trip to Montreal this summer. I have been there twice and absolutely love the city, but my wife has never been.

In the mean time I think we’re going to get a backpacking camping setup and do some guerilla camping off the grid in the Los Padres national Forrest.

Have to admit, I am still so locked into the recent past and present… Just four weeks ago, I had tickets and a hotel booked for San Diego… A small conference, then I was going to take a mini-vacation and surf… By March 8th. I decided to cancel. Lost my airfare (a COVID emergency had not yet been declared, despite what was happening in Washington) but did not get charged for the hotel cancellation. By March 12, I had all staff working remotely, given the reports of how quickly the virus was spreading. The following week, deaths were mounting in Washington, hell was breaking loose in NYC and Boston was beginning to see cases and the beginning of a death toll. All the while, spring breakers were frolicking on FLA beaches. And, New Orleans was partying like 1999…

Right now, working remotely, I am doing more hours on zoom than I did hours working at the office. There doesn’t seem to be “separation” at home. Doesn’t help that our jobs involve getting resources out to the community groups in this crisis. Lots of alerts and crisis discussions.

I am keenly aware that I am not getting enough exercise given that my bike commute is gone. My habit of a lunch walk has also disappeared. Thankfully, although not a full gym with sparring partners, I do have a heavy bag in my basement that take a lot of hits without a sound. My sleep is off. As result my resting heart rate is up, tho’ still in the low “normal” range.

It is a friggin’ mess of a lifetime in a matter of weeks. I am hoping things will normalize to the “new normal” in the next 4-8 weeks. That is as far as I can think ahead at this point.

My family (including a 6 week old granddaughter) is well and safe so far. So,vent off.


Maybe you can buy a used exercise bike or one of those little bicycle dynamometers that lets you pedal your bike in a stationary position.

YouTube has an endless supply of exercise options. Our YMCA is offering free online exercise classes to members.

I’ve been doing the home part of my exercise routine more religiously to try to get something positive out of a negative situation.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I am still exercising daily, at least an hour a day. But, it doesn’t replace the fact that when I bike commute daily, that’s about 1.5-1.75 hours per day on top of the I hour/daily of gym type exercise. This routine I am really missing right now…

I do have a “bike trainer.” Just can’t stand the “boredom” of it. It is akin to indoor “rowing machine” which I also find boring. The only indoor HIIT workout I consistently do is my heavy bag workouts. Rounds of heavy bag workout is something I have stuck with since as a teen. I find it also helpful with my surfing whenever the waves arrive. :slight_smile:

Anyway, glad you have a exercise routine that works for you. We all need these – as much for mental health as well physical fitness.


It’s going to hit 50 degrees today. Along the notion of thinking ahead… I’ll need to drag the Hobie pedal kayak out from behind the shed and get it ready for prime freshwater fishing that is coming in the next several weeks. :fishing_pole_and_fish::kayak:


MCimes - Thanks for the info on SailGP. I’ve watched some of the America’s Cup races with the hydrofoil catamarans, but didn’t know there’s a whole race series I can watch. The strategizing at the start can be as much fun as the race itself too.

To be honest, I haven’t dared to plan anything of a nature that could cost much if cancelled. No bucket-list trips on the horizon.

I’m working my way through small DIY home improvement projects which would happen anyway. Contacting contractors for a couple of other projects is on hold, for obvious reasons, though maybe it is time to make initial queries.

On the immediate to-do list is getting ready for the first paddle of the year, assuming all water access doesn’t get closed. Right now, the main res near me postponed opening boat ramps, but since kayaks do not require AIS inspection, it is legal to paddle…for now. Another res has not indicated any change to its April 3 opening date for limited uses (including paddling but not motorized boating). I was hoping to go there, but it is in another county that has told its residents to stay close to home. I do not know if this means people one county over are not welcome.

First, I have to take out the long-unused rack with cradles and adjust them to fit the new surf ski. It is a hassle because I’ll need to play musical spaces with the sea kayak, among other things. I may have to store it outdoors for a while.

If I get everything squared away, I might actually paddle this week. Taking it one day at a time, and maybe this fall I can take a road trip to salt water with the ski.

Meanwhile, we are lucky to have plenty of space for hiking from home while encountering nobody.

I’m struggling to find substitutes and to maintain a sense of well-being too. I was doing cardio at the YMCA on machines and also swimming regularly. Now as you say I’m “keenly aware” that both of my main cardio exercises are in limbo just when I’d like to do more in case my body is assaulted by the virus.

I may be “old school” but it seems with a few more sensors the boats could race autonomously .
I’m watching NASCAR iRacing and it messes with your head…