Age of gel coat info

I got some gel coat about three years ago from Current Designs. I put it in the fridge which makes it last longer. They say three month shelf life. Used it today and it’s fine. Using it on chips in the bath tub from tile guy. So I would say don’t throw it out right away do a test batch first. I guess if you’re spraying a mold or kayak surface not so good but for cracks and patches I say go for it.

Actually gelcoat was three years old

I thought it was just the gelcoat hardener that went bad. not the gelcoat itself. Just that liquid in the dropper bottle that hardens the gelcoat.

I’ve had similar experiences with gelcoat that’s even older. Hardener is readily available separately if you need it.

Yes I had small tube of Evercoat hardner.

The other half is going out tomorrow for a few hrs. So I will sand and prep some scrapes on my Solstice hull then bring it in for gecoat application and hardening. Beats pulling cars out if garage and carrying around the house and through two gates. LOL Then sand it outside.

I think there is a big difference between vinyl ester and polyester when it comes to shelf life.

Current Designs can had label on it 3 month shelf life. Worked great on tub perfect match. Lol

Did a test yesterday outside 35* with gelcoat it was hard next day