Age of penobscot 16

We are thinking of purchasing a used Penobscot 16. It is turquoise. I cannot find info on when it was manufactured. It seems to be a color no longer produced.

Serial number

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Can't state this for a fact, but many manufactures will make the last two digits of the serial number be the year the boat was produced. Many canoes have it stamped into the stern of the boat near the gunnel. If the boat isn't near you, have the seller give you the serial number.

16 Penobscot
Yep. Mine has yr of manufacture (final 2 digits of serial #) stamped into hull as stated.

If boat’s in any kind of decent shape don’t let it’s age put you off. (although color may draw some attention even in LA.!) It’s a very versatile hull & well suited to those class 1-2 rivers listed in your profile.