Aging kayaker question

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Has anyone else noticed needing more seat space as you get older? I don't mean gaining fat, but rather it seems my bone/muscle hip width is increasing...had to change my outfitting this season...just curious if it is just me.



more seaworthy
Not only that, but I’ve also confirmed that I have lost at least a half-inch of height since I was 20. Initially I was depressed, but then I got to thinking about it - spreading out down low, shortening the overall height (not to mention adding an undisclosed amount of mass in the middle of my body)… all those things should contribute to make me more stable on the water. Add in the reduction of wind resistance on top of my head, and it may be that, instead of deteriorating with age, I’m simply evolving into a more efficient and seaworthy paddling lifeform.

Not really
But I have become much more bouyant in recent years.

Not really,butt my waist has grown.


No but exposure to air
Definitely causes boat shrinkage.

I thought it was bailing that did it.

where weight goes
It’s bizarre, added weight goes to my hips . . but then they say you can’t spot reduce. Does that mean I’ll be shaped like a ball in 20 years?

But my feet have gradually gone from 10 to 11 and my kayaks are getting heavier each year.

oh yeh, height too. ten years ago, I used to be 5-11. I’m now 5-1

Oh, great. If that’s true,
I’ll probably be paddling a thimble in another 10 years.

Just the opposite !
I must be shrinking.

I wish they would make a QCC-700 a inch narrower and with a cockpit the same size as the QCC-10X



Yeah, but…
Jack, you may be getting older by the mathmatics, but I don’t think you and Nancy know anything about aging.

Keep it up.